myIDTravel is creating an easier way to manage the staff travel or their employees’ travel cost effectively and on-time. IT departments at myIDTravel use the SaaS solution which can be benefit from the advantages of cloud technology and it appreciates the application’s intuitive handling through the smartphone or computer.

The digital natives among the staff consider ID travel as old fashioned way to book the flight tickets. However, Airlines not only looking for increment in staff satisfaction but also to streamline the airline industry travel processes at the same time.

Login myIDTravel

If you’re working in an airline company which subscribed for my ID Travel services, you can easily log into the portal by considering below steps as follows:

  • Initially, go to official website address from your preferred web browser.
  • Enter login credentials information including employing airline, user id, and password on appropriate fields.
  • Finally, choose the mode of travel either duty or leisure.
  • Once you confirm that the entered details are valid, go to login button and get access to the benefits offered.
  • If in case of forgotten password or new to my ID Travel, you can click on request new password option and recover the details.

Manage Travel Above the Clouds

Airlines can use myIDTravel in order to manage the complex interlining processes for business related and travel staff simply and efficiently without any hassles. my ID Travel can easily be integrated with the IT departments like SaaS. So that, employees can easily get access to their own profiles by using their preferred desktop or on their smartphones or tablets.

myIDTravel has been developed by Lufthansa industry solutions with a large customer community. That means, it has a myriad of functions that almost cover all requirements. Relevantly, it supports all relevant functions for management of ID travel. But, myIDTravel can be integrated with any normal operating processes such as payment solutions or employee information systems. Additionally, myIDTravel can process any booking segment in connected computer reservation systems of the airline that are operating the flight or individual flight usage.Specifically, myIDTravel web application provided by Lufthansa industry can be designed to meet the standards of intuitive and innovative travel management. The airlines can use the solution to conclude an ID agreement with a new partner within a few simple clicks. It has included the information about common reservation systems, payment providers, and HR department for industry discount travel.More than 270 leading airlines already use myid90 to increase the staff satisfaction during travel and get cost efficiency in terms of booking. Know about Lufthansa airlines

How to Check Loads on myIDTravel

While the basic functions are self explanatory you can check out the loads for your flight on . Accordingly, you need to select new flight or ticket once you have chosen Flight Schedule Display. After that, you can choose your desired flight and click on show details button. It brings up a new window which lets to display the flight details such as date, aircraft type, flight number, etc. It will show you available seats and will be allowed to use fare codes which can provide a good picture of seat availability.Using fare codes to check loads for your flight

Each letter or symbol available on my ID Travel can be represented a category of airline ticket available for purchase. The corresponding number indicates the quantity of available tickets for sale.As mentioned most of the leading airlines use web portal, Malaysia Airlines make use of MyIDTravel for accessing integrated travel management solutions. The airline totally depending on entire my ID Travel’s portfolio. The solutions enable the airline employees to issue tickets for private and business travels with their own and with other airlines online. Reach Contact Support for help

It allows the employees to access an automated and efficient travel management system of ID travel. Through this service, airline employees can use electronic id tickets for their own carriers and for other airlines’ flights. myTravelID has been evolved into the leading IT solution in the current and paperless flight markets.It is providing various kinds of benefits for airlines in many areas of streamlining processes including from maintenance of ID agreements and eligibility rules to revenue accounting and interline settlement. It is also offering process optimization which helpful for airlines to reduce the costs in different areas. With the use of MyIDTravel, airline employees can gain the benefit of convenient purchasing, change, and refund the tickets for their trip themselves.Malaysia Airlines is serving flight services to over 60 destinations in almost 30 countries including Asia, Middle East, Australia, and Europe subsuming Sydney, London Heathrow, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Visit Careers Section

Mydea: Turning Staff Ideas into Innovations

The airline companies which use MyTravelID solution can boost up their employees to get innovative ideas. Through Mydea staffing solution, airline companies can include the workforce in the management of ideas and innovations in such a way that creates a sustainable value. However, employees can make use of this online platform from their preferred web browser and discuss proposals or take part in deciding which projects should be implemented in which way.My ID Travel’s Mydea adopts to a company’s existing IT structures which can be used based on share point criteria. In alternative to this, the companies can make use of web based implementation of cloud based platforms like Azure and Office 365. Principally, Mydea can be incorporated with the IT integration systems of different Microsoft Office applications.Mydea doesn’t help the companies to get more ideas but it allows to transform the existing ideas to innovations. It makes easier to create a sustainable culture of innovation and providing safeguard valuable competitive advantages. Flyer Benefits